About US

We are a Guild Wars 2 Guild. Most of us play on the Borlis Pass (American) server.

It is a continuation of the The Guild Hall And Friends [TGH] Guild. Some of us were fellow fan site staff, some of us were high school friends.

A good number of us have played since the beginning of guild wars, including the guild wars beta. Most of us play PvE, some of us play PvP too.

One distinction of our guild that separates us from most guilds, even the elite ones, is that a lot of our members are, or have been staff members of some type of community before. I was an admin at TGH, Cakevon was a moderator, the list goes on. Many of our officers are high caliber in this regard.

Our collective resume includes the following:
5 Guild Wars beta and Day 1 veteran players
A former member of a championship winning guild
2 Eagle Scouts
1 Fan site Staff
2 Fan site Moderators
2 Fan site Administrators

Please check here for our current recruitment status.

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